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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

  • CPSIA Certificates / GCC availability?
    * We have the general certificates of conformity (GCC) for all our products.
    * Purchase is required to receive these documents.

  • Minimum Orders?
    * Since we are mainly a wholesale company we do have a minimum order requirement of $100.00 USD to qualify for the prices stated on the price list.
    * In the event that orders do not meet the minimum of $100.00 USD, an additional 30% surcharge will apply to the prices stated on the price list.
  • Handling Charges, how does it work?
    * With every order there is a basic $3.00 handling fee that covers up to 5 items, for every additional item number after 5 different items, the handling charge is an additional $0.60 per item number.
    * The quantity ordered does not affect the handling fee, only the number of different item numbers ordered.
    * Using Metal Headbands as an example, if my order is
       MH-01 for # dozen (1 item) – handling fee = $3.00
       MH-01 for # dozen, MH-02 for # dozen (2 items) – handling fee = $3.00
       MH-01, MH-02, MH-03, MH-04, MH-05 (5 items) – handling fee = $3.00
       MH-01, MH-02, MH-03, MH-04, MH-05, MH-06 (6 items) – handling fee = $3.60
                                                                                         (1-5 item numbers) – handling fee = $3.00
       More than 5 items is an additional $0.60 handling per item on top of the basic $3.00.
           - 6 items = $3.60
           - 7 items = $4.20
           - 8 items = $4.80
           - 9 items = $5.40
          - 10 items = $6.00 …and so on….
  • Shipping, how does that work?
    * We ship most of our packages via United Parcel Service (UPS). The shipping charges paid by the customer will depend on the weight of the order.
  • Price List, how can I get one?
    * Our price list is not available on our website, in order to receive a price list, please email us at order@hairparts.com with your company name (if applicable), your name, address and contact number. This is for our price list record and your information will not be shared with anyone else.
  • International Orders
    * We do accept orders from other countries. Please contact us in advance for an estimate of the shipping fee. Acceptable methods of payment for international orders are wire transfer and paypal.
  • Custom Items
    * If you have any items you would like to order in a large quantity but don’t see it in our catalog, you can always email us with a description or send us a picture. We have many more items available and the ones listed in our catalog are just the items we have stocked. Feel free to email us to get a quotation for custom items.
  • Placing an order
    * There are several ways you can place an order with us. We have an order sheet for your convenience.
           Via Email: order@hairparts.com
           Via Telephone: Call us at (718) 353-0700
           Via Fax: Fax to (718) 353-8899
  • Picking Up
    * Generally we are not open to the public, but we do make exceptions for customers who do live nearby and would like to pick up their orders. Please do call in advance to make an appointment with us and allow us enough time to prepare your order.
  • Comments, questions or suggestions
    * Please feel free to email us.


Most of our hair accessories at Wonderful Enterprise Corp.
are imported directly from Taiwan. We offer you wide variety
of styles and sizes.Our prices are competitive and unbeatable.
We always have a huge volume in stock and welcome wholesale
for all companies and factories.

Contact us today for further information.

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114-02 15th Avenue. #2B, College Point, NY 11356
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